Beach Management and Info

The parish council leases the foreshore at Brean from The Crown Estate.  It is responsible for helping to ensure the health and safety of all users and that bye laws are complied with.  The parish council takes this responsibility very seriously and all beach users are asked to read the Beach Safety Leaflet on this page.

The leaflet contain information on the availability of the beach for kite buggying and sand yachting and anyone interested in these activities on Brean beach is asked to contact The Brean Land Yacht Club and/or SWATK for further information.  Individual users, even with insurance, are not permitted to sail on Brean beach at any time.

Beach Safety Leaflet

Residents of Brean are entitled to park free on the beach.  Please take proof of residency to Warren Farm Reception where a pass will be issued to you.  When closed (Winter period) please contact the clerk at in the first instance.

Crown Lease for foreshore at Brean

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